KS - Uni/Bi-directional knife gate valve

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VAYCOM’S KS series knife gate has a monoblock cast body. It has a wafer design for installation between flanges. The standard model is for DIN PN10 and ANSI150 flanges; others are available on request. Different interchangeable closure rings due to the unique innovative machining. The slide is guided, and will thus be affected less by normal opening and closing operations. The gate is made of stainless steel polished, and the edges are rounded to extend the life of seals and gaskets. 2-in-1 valve; works up to 80% in the less favourable direction.

Design standard

DIN/ANSI, others on request


  • DN50-DN150 = 10 bar
  • DN200 = 8 bar
  • DN250-DN300 = 6 bar
  • DN350-DN400 = 5 bar
  • DN450-DN600 = 3 bar


DN50/2” to DN1200/48”; larger sizes on request


Slide: AIS1304/AISI316; other materials on request.
Gasket: Synth + PTFE, Graphite, o-ring


Metal/Metal, EPDM, Viton, Nitrile, PTFE, Silicone


Handwheel, lever, gear box, chain handwheel, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators


Hydropower plants and dams/Water distribution/Pulp and paper/Thermo-electric installations/Steel sector/Water treatment/Mining/Chemical industry/Food industry


Solids/Contaminated fluids/Paper and cellulose/Sludge, etc.

Accessories and options

Deflector cone, reinforced socket, scraper, V-shaped or 5-sided passage, flushing holes, emergency handwheel, limit switches, proximity switches, solenoid valves, filters, emergency systems, junction boxes, extensions stems, etc.

KS - Uni/Bi-directional knife gate valve

VAYCOM product information sheet.

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